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LOC Champions
Brian Prescott
2008 LOC Champion

Mark Moyer
2007 LOC Champion

Eric Hopper
2006 LOC Champion

Scott Goddard
2005 LOC Champion

Dave Torreano
2004 LOC Champion

Dave Stagg
2003 LOC Champion



The League of Champions
"We've Played the Game!"

Welcome to the 2009 League of Champions (LOC) site.

We've teamed up again this season with MyFantasyLeague (MFL), home of the Internet's #1 fantasy football league management system. The LOC was established in 2003 and is a MFL Showcase League with all the leagues being hosted for FREE.

The LOC consists of five leagues, the four LOC Qualifiers and the LOC Main League. LOC Qualifier #1 is a Survivor/Draft Masters League with a $30 entry fee. LOC Qualifiers #2, #3, and #4 are free total points leagues. The LOC Main League is a 12 team, auction style draft, head to head play, playoff league with a $50 entry fee. All pay leagues have a 100% payout.

Winners of the total points qualifiers will receive an invite to participate in the following season's Main League of Champions. Other invitees include the previous season's league champion and runner-up, any past LOC champions, and champions from various high stake internet leagues. There is no league more competitive than the LOC. The LOC Champion is truly the "Best of the Best."

Signups for 2009 LOC Qualifiers are now underway! 

If you are a League Commissioner and would like your fantasy football league to be considered as an automatic LOC qualifer, e-mail  The League Office. 

Past Champions:   2003    2004    2005    2006

The 2009 LOC Champion will receive a trophy from Affordable Trophies, custom engraved to feature owner's name, team, and league.

Visit the Affordable Trophies web site, where you can not only shop for the perfect awards for your league, but also send a virtual trophy or add your champ's name to the popular Web Page of Champions, all for free!

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